Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wood Picture Blocks

This is our very first post and we are so excited to have this blog and to be creating, inspiring and having a ton of fun together. We are five sisters (three sisters and two sister-in-laws) coming together on this blog to show our creations. Most of us live in different states, we are using this blog to create together although we are miles apart. We hope you enjoy this journey with us, we are so excited to create the journey together. We named our blog "Craft Critters", since we all grew up in a small farm town in Idaho (Our sis-in-laws even grew up there). We are each a "Critter" and some of our daughters want to post and they will be "Junior Critters."
We hope you will enjoy our blog!

Now on to our first post:
These are a 4x4 bocks that I painted white and covered each side with pictures.

On the top of each block I put quotes so that the pictures wouldn't get covered when I stacked them.

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