Friday, October 22, 2010


"Is Mr. Skittles watching?"
I have Mr. Skittles sitting around the classroom watching for children to listen and follow directions. When I need the children's attention I can say "I wonder if Mr. Skittles is watching?" and usually the children will perk up and hurry to follow the direction. Sometimes when they want a skittle they will ask me if I think Mr. Skittles is watching. It is just a fun thing to have in the classroom to give a little help.
To make Mr Skittles I used an empty container that had a twist on lid, glued on yarn for hair and googly eyes. Then just keep skittles in it. Even Kesa and Olianna like eating skittles out of it. I think this could be used as a potty treat holder or just a fun thing to hold treats, you could name it whatever you wanted.

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